Agenda Nov 10

An Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council will be held at Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen Village Hall on the 10 November at 7.30pm.  The meeting will be open to the public unless the Council otherwise direct.

10 minutes will be allowed during the meeting for members of the public to raise points of concern on agenda items.


114/11 Accept apologies for absence

115/11 To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on

13 October – previously circulated.

116/11 Accept Declarations of interest on agenda items.

117/11 Agree meeting be adjourned for Public Speaking

118/11 Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda – for information only

119/11 Correspondence received – for information only

120/11 Highways

a                              Consider proposals to deliver local highway improvements in partnership with NCC– info in folder

b             Respond to enquiry if PC is interested in taking on the gritting of footways – document enclosed

c              Consider action to be taken regarding rubble and cement at rear of 51 Stow Road, close to foot of Lodes Head Steps

d             update of works carried out and required

121/11 Allotments – Update on allotment plot allocation

122/11 Cemetery –

a Update on possible purchase of land

b             Decide on procedure to improve rutted area  near gateway

123/11 Queens Diamond Jubilee – consider event to be held in conjunction with School and/or village hall

124/11 Parish Plan – Receive update on volunteers and decide if Parish Council is to support the compiling of a parish plan and if so, decide which councillors are willing to become members of the Steering Group

125/11 BT phone boxes in village– consider adopting them – HH – documents enclosed

126/11 Councillor vacancy – Decide on closing date for co-option applications

127/11 PC Website – Decide on content and provide guidelines for administrator

128/11 Consider if comment to be sent re 2013 review of Parliamentary Consttiuencies

129/11 Consider if comment to be sent on Site Specific allocations and policies consultation

130/11 Respond to consultation on BC Draft Statement of Policy – Sex Establishments

131/11 Consider if comment should be sent about proposed fortnightly  black bin collection

132/11 Planning – Consider applications received including

a                11/01731/F Conversion of loft space into living accommodation and internal alteration to                 form access into                 converted loft at 103 Stow Road

133/11 Finance –

a              Approve expenditure for website training and new councillor training for J Anderson

b Respond to request to consider making a donation to legal cost of the campaign against the proposed incinerator at                 Saddlebow, by including an amount in the Precept

c              Appoint Internal Auditor

d             Agree cheques be signed

134/11 Councillors concerns and agenda items for next meeting –information only

Confirm date of next meeting – 8 December

Displayed 4 November 2011

S Goodwin

Clerk to Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen Parish Council

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