Our Village Pound


The Village Pound was once a feature of many ancient villages in Britain and served two purposes. Stray animals, such as sheep, cows, hens and pigs would be rounded up by the Pound Keeper and locked within the Pound until the owners came and collected them.  They would have to pay the Pound Keeper a small ‘fine’ to get their livestock back and if the animals were left unclaimed after a couple of days, the Pound Keeper could take the animals to the nearest Market, sell them and keep the proceeds. So not only did it serve as a ‘pen’, it also provided an income.

Our Village Pound is one of a few that remain in the Country and not many are in the same condition as ours. It is something of a Historical and cultural monument that links us to a yesteryear that few will recall. Next time you wander past the Village sign, stop and go through the double gate and there you will see our monument to the past.

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